Sunday, July 29, 2007

FEMA is doing all in its power to deny KATRINA Victims, most being African Americans, temporary housing in Louisiana.

FEMA generally refuse to enter into contracts with African American Contractors and deny African Americans basic benefits. See:

FEMA more than likely will enter into agreements with organizations and contractors that discriminate against African Americans.

The US Need a Department of Justice that includes Justice for African Americans!
FEMA and this administration should practice a system where they will not only penalize African Americans who violate the law, but should also enforce regulations and laws equally. (see: ).
This Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to act on any complaint that will benefit African Americans. (see: ). It is the main purpose of this administration and the DOJ to control who BLACKS should have as their Leaders. This is true whether it is a Congressman from Louisiana, Rev. Jackson, Minister Farrakhan, Leaders in South America, or any Leader that is of color. This administration believe they should meet their approval or else. (Bush style democracy). In order to bring sanity to this country and the world we need to bring our troops home, impeach this ‘son of a bush’ in order that the world can,
UAAD have asked for and believe that a Congressional Hearing should be held to address these issues.

FEMA and this government’s neglect has led UAAD and other organizations to:
Request International Assistance for KATRINA Victims in Louisiana



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