Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 23, 2007
The FEMA Story
The stories you are going to hear are true coming from victims of Hurricane Katrina.
On the 22nd of January I was told by a school teacher living in Slidell LA that she experienced two deliveries of FEMA trailers being placed in her neighborhood. Several weeks after a nice new, larger in size FEMA trailer was delivered to the Caucasian family directly across the street from her mother who is African American, they became the laughing stock of the neighborhood when FEMA delivered this smaller used beat-up trailer to her mother.
Speaking to a FEMA representative today regarding their donation program to non-profits, it was indicated that instead of the new trailers that were promised for this program, there will be a change to give African American non-profits, used trailers. After all the used ones are disbursed, only then would new trailers be a part of the donation program.
I advised the teacher that when the donation program is put in place in the next few years or so that at least her mother may get the better trailer across the street as part of FEMA’s donation program to minority organizations. Her reply was that the trailer would be un- acceptable, she being aware that the neighbor was housing 5 dogs in the trailer.

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