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FEMA is doing all in its power to deny KATRINA Victims, most being African Americans, temporary housing in Louisiana.

FEMA generally refuse to enter into contracts with African American Contractors and deny African Americans basic benefits. See:

FEMA more than likely will enter into agreements with organizations and contractors that discriminate against African Americans.

The US Need a Department of Justice that includes Justice for African Americans!
FEMA and this administration should practice a system where they will not only penalize African Americans who violate the law, but should also enforce regulations and laws equally. (see: ).
This Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to act on any complaint that will benefit African Americans. (see: ). It is the main purpose of this administration and the DOJ to control who BLACKS should have as their Leaders. This is true whether it is a Congressman from Louisiana, Rev. Jackson, Minister Farrakhan, Leaders in South America, or any Leader that is of color. This administration believe they should meet their approval or else. (Bush style democracy). In order to bring sanity to this country and the world we need to bring our troops home, impeach this ‘son of a bush’ in order that the world can,
UAAD have asked for and believe that a Congressional Hearing should be held to address these issues.

FEMA and this government’s neglect has led UAAD and other organizations to:
Request International Assistance for KATRINA Victims in Louisiana



Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Agreement Between
United Affirmative Action Development Corp (UAAD) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency
for the Permanent Donation of Temporary Housing Units
THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into the 12th of January, 2007, by and between United Affirmative Action Development Corp and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (hereinafter “FEMA”), U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”). See:

Received 1/05/07, from: FEMA
Mr. Ellis,
As you will remember from our meeting in December, the information that was provided at that meeting was still in “draft” form. After much work, we have revised those materials based on final guidance from FEMA Headquarters. There are some changes in the documents that I am providing to you from what you were given. Our VOLAG staff will work with you to navigate that and identify what additional or different information is needed. We apologize for the inconvenience but you are one of our first applicants and we want to ensure a smooth process. My request to you is to have you provide a mailing address in which I can send you the documents on a compact disk. The files are too large to be sent via email. Also, this will allow you to make your own copies of the information to distribute to your partner groups. I await your response, and I look forward to your response.
Thanks, Roman


This is a reply to Sen. Edwards' email ( ) January 24, 2007
Sen. Edwards,
You spent some time in New Orleans recently. I have spent ten years in Louisiana attempting to bring economic parity to this state through CRA initiatives, see We have formed a coalition to provide housing to the Katrina/Rita victims with an agreement with FEMA, that they apparently had no intention to honor. See: Our organization and the Citizens of Louisiana need assistance in resoulving these serious problems being further amplified by FEMA and this administration. See: and the above attachments to understand the extent of the problems facing these victims. We would like to hear from you as soon as possible and let us know what and if you can provived any assistance to these serious matters.

January 23, 2007
The FEMA Story
The stories you are going to hear are true coming from victims of Hurricane Katrina.
On the 22nd of January I was told by a school teacher living in Slidell LA that she experienced two deliveries of FEMA trailers being placed in her neighborhood. Several weeks after a nice new, larger in size FEMA trailer was delivered to the Caucasian family directly across the street from her mother who is African American, they became the laughing stock of the neighborhood when FEMA delivered this smaller used beat-up trailer to her mother.
Speaking to a FEMA representative today regarding their donation program to non-profits, it was indicated that instead of the new trailers that were promised for this program, there will be a change to give African American non-profits, used trailers. After all the used ones are disbursed, only then would new trailers be a part of the donation program.
I advised the teacher that when the donation program is put in place in the next few years or so that at least her mother may get the better trailer across the street as part of FEMA’s donation program to minority organizations. Her reply was that the trailer would be un- acceptable, she being aware that the neighbor was housing 5 dogs in the trailer.

Good Morning Mr. Bradbury,
This is Walter Ellis of UAAD. I met a woman in New Orleans who is in dire need of a place to stay. She has a young son who is on oxygen. They are currently staying in "High Rise" hotel in New Orleans and the conditions there are very poor. She is paying approximately $800 per month. I am asking is it possible for you and your organization to get her and her son into a FEMA travel trailer ASAP? Her name is:
The number for the hotel is: 504-245-8740
Please give me a call.

Thank you for your help
Walter Ellis, CEO UAAD
951-452-9160 (cell)

Permits, Planning & Zoning Department
102 Avenue “G”
Belle Chase, LA 70037
Attn: Ms. Connie Treadway
I am writing today to ask for the documents you stated you would provide from your office regarding:
The status of the “FEMA Authorization To Release Confidential Information”, you stated that had been presented to your office on behalf of clients of UAAD. You stated on Wed January 17, 2007 in our telephone conversation that you were going to have a procedure document in writing by Thursday January 18, 2007, and that you would e-mail to
UAAD request that any and all forms and applications given to your office on behalf of UAAD be forwarded to UAAD via fax 318 255-9468. It is necessary that we receive these applications with whatever decision your office has made as to the status of these Victims rights to have a mobile or module home placed on their property.
The arrangement we had with your office has been violated and is causing additional delays along with FEMA delays.
Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD

A reply to a fax received from:
George Smith
Acting IA Section Chief
January 19, 2007
RE: Request for Donation of FEMA trailers
Mr. Smith,
It is my belief based on my short experience, and what I have heard from others, it was never your or FEMA’s intent to do business to a large degree with “any” African American Organization non-profit or African American for profit in particular. These are not only my statements, but also remarks made by those you supervise. The fax I received this date although disappointing, due to the many Katrina Victims you and FEMA have caused to suffer will continue, until and unless FEMA is re-structured replacing biased individuals as yourself and in particular those above you as indicated by some of your staff.

You mentioned in this fax your reasons for not proceeding was:
"Your stated intention of seeking partnering with another non-profit group and not only charging them $3,000 per unit for administration costs; but also requiring them to provide a non-refundable deposit of $5,000 for legal and administration cost to finalize the partnering agreement with you amounts to using the donated trailers as a business venture." This does not adhere to the letter of the law and is not what FEMA intended when devising a policy for Temporary Housing Unit Donations.

I don’t know where you received this or these false documents, or information, but even an African American should be able to have a fair hearing as I have asked Roman Napoli and Verdie Culpepper to assist in how this donation program can be presented under FEMA’s regulations. We have asked for meetings with our coalition partners and they have refused. Mr. Napoli promised a telephone conference in order that these matters could be discussed.
UAAD have registered in excess of 100 applicants under the authorization and guide lines of FEMA, and now they are saying that presently they are suspending the agreement with UAAD.
With another 501c3 Partnering with LNPRC this process can move forward.

LNPRC request from Mr. George Smith and FEMA that they arrange a process in order that the applicants processed, some found to be eligible to receive the donated units with the present agreement with LNPRC / UAAD be assigned to another LNPRC partner meeting FEMA’s approval. We ask that a meeting be arranged by January 24, 2007 in order to facilitate these arrangements. A date sooner will be agreeable with LNPRC and UAAD. The delays by FEMA are creating considerable harm to the Katrina Victims and the Coalition Partners.

Mr. George Smith we are faxing your office three additional applicants in addition to many in the past month as authorized by your office. We have received faxed and verbal replies that many of these applicants have met all the certification s that is needed in order that they can receive a trailer being donated to LNPRC / UAAD. LNPRC / UAAD need an answer from your office immediately in order to advise our Partners and the individual Katrina, Rita Victims when and how they receive these housing units so long promised and too long denied.

You can contact me at,
Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A status report on UAAD’s progress regarding FEMA’s mobile home/module home donation program

As the CEO of United Affirmative Action Development Corp, (UAAD), I took an interest in how our 501c3 could get involved in FEMA’s mobile home, module home donation program. After many phone calls, emails and correspondence with various FEMA officials, many being evasive and some being downright dishonest, we were later introduced, in late November, to Mr. Roman Napoli, a FEMA official. During the conversations with FEMA officials, it was always stated that UAAD alone was the only non-profit who had expressed an interest
in the program. UAAD then began a process to form Louisiana non-profit Recovery Coalition,(LNPRC), inviting any and all non-profits, Faith Based Organizations, Civil Rights Organizations to include the Nation of Islam, to join together to address the housing concerns of the Katrina/Rita hurricane victims.
After filing a complaint to Congressional Representatives and other pressures, Mr. Napoli and other FEMA officials met with Dr.(name can’t be used), a representative from Operation Hope and me representing UAAD on December 6, 2006 at the FEMA building on the West Bank in New Orleans, LA.
A representative from Plaquemines Parish indicated he would rather have the units requested awarded to his non-profit, was advised that they could only be awarded to UAAD, which he agreed. A draft document was drawn up by Ms. Verdie Culpepper after the meeting, showing that Plaquemine Parish would be awarded 120 mobile homes which the representative indicated would be the amount he would need for Plaquemine Parish.

Mr. Napoli and others at the table on behalf of FEMA, indicated that the process should move smoothly from this point and a final draft should be forthcoming soon. With Ms. Culpepper’s advice and being provided with the proper documentation, UAAD has spent considerable resources traveling around the state of Louisiana, organizing Coalition Partners and signing individuals as requested by FEMA to receive FEMA mobile homes and modules.

UAAD was told on several occasions that Mr. Napoli or/and Ms. Culpepper would be available for consultation while the draft was being finalized.
UAAD asked that any information and proposals we submit be made available to the public. We felt that since this was a program FEMA had previously indicated that Community Organizations could be instrumental in helping to develop, we felt it would be better to develop the program in an open forum.

At the December 6 meeting it was indicated that a few Community Organizations had expressed an interest in a few of the units. ACORN, whom we had invited to this meeting, was scheduled to meet the following day Dec. 7th.

FEMA was advised that UAAD would put as much information as possible on its web-site, in order that others could participate with the coalition LNPRC.

UAAD has kept Mr. Napoli and Ms. Culpepper aware of our proposals throughout the process.

The manner in which the proposal is being finalized is creating financial and other burdens on UAAD and its Coalition Partners. After devising several proposals to implement the process, it appears that without FEMA’s consultation as previously promised; only conflict and confusion will develop. UAAD has requested verbally and in writing for FEMA to call a meeting or at least a telephone conference to coordinate a unified workable program. FEMA refuse to do so.

This week while seeking financial assistance in Belle Chase, LA, I was told by the Exec. Director of HANDS of HOPE Mr. Benny Puckett that he was displeased with the program UAAD was promoting in the Parish. When asked what his objections were he stated that the program was devised to take advantage of the Hurricane Victims. It was stated that HANDS of HOPE was a faith based 501c3 and funded by the United Way and others, would not get involved with our organization(s). When asked if his organization would provide UAAD with a workable plan that could be implemented due to our not having funding. Mr. Puckett did not have an answer. When asked if his Faith Based 501c3 backed by the United Way and others, would devise a plan, and submit to FEMA, in order to help the Hurricane Victims, he looked at me as though I was nuts. He went on to state he was going to contact the Parish President who is a friend of his and report his dissatisfaction with UAAD’S proposals. It now appears that there may be some substance to Mr. Puckett’s influence in Plaquemines Parish Government.
Since our conversation, it appears that the permit office of which Ms. Connie Treadway is in charge, is refusing to process permits and letters requested and promised to Hurricane Victims of that Parish, many being people of color.

UAAD is now awaiting a written request from the Plaquemines Parish representative who recently asked that UAAD take his organization off UAAD’s web-page which he had previously authorized.

In a conversation with Mr. Naploi of FEMA, it appeared that he was indicating that our program had indications of being for-profit in violation of FEMA policy. When asked what led him to indicate so, he related that he had other matters to take care of and did not give an answer. When UAAD presented our proposal to FEMA, we indicated how we were going to build a relationship between UAAD a non-profit and UEDC for profit. Neither Mr. Napoli nor Ms. Culpepper expressed any objection. In the event there is a conflict between the relationship of the for-profit and the non-profit we would expect that FEMA would have or will spell out such conflicts.

Again after traveling the state of Louisiana promoting this program, it appears from the conversation I had with Mr. Napoli this PM is that FEMA intend to delay this program, promoting further suffering to the Hurricane Victims.

(A reply from previous e-mail)
Subject: Fwd: FEMA delay tactics
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 06:03:31 -0500

Mr. Ellis:
Shaw just received a 75 million dollars grant from FEMA to provide Modular products. Is this a conflict of interest because they are a for profit? Seems to be a lot of double standards. Best of luck with your program.
My reply:
There will always be double standards as long as FEMA and all Federal agencies are allowed to deny equal opportunities to African Americans. If Congress refuse to investigate and correct the serious problems that exists in FEMA and most Federal Agencies, to include the FBI,(see attachment), African Americans will continue to suffer economic, social and religious discrimination

United Affirmative Action Development Corp, is a 501c3 non profit who registered with DUNN & BRADSTREET, reg#610362068, FEMA/NAICS# 813410, SIC#8641, and the IRS, reg#’s 62-175-3255 in order to do business with FEMA.

Two for profit affilates United Equity Development Corporation, UEDC and Truck Service Corp, TSC were also registered with FEMA.

The main purpose for registering the for-profits was due a stipulation FEMA had put in place in order to get a direct contract to haul the FEMA trailers without sub contracting under SHAW or any other company. Truck Service Corporation a certified Minority Trucking Company since 1990; felt it and other minority companies should be awarded direct contracts from FEMA. When calling FEMA they asked that you leave your request by phone, and someone would get back in touch. They stated at that time that there was no procedure in writing.

We were later told in order to participate in hauling the FEMA travel trailers we would have to get in touch with SHAW. SHAW in Baton Rouge stated we had to seek employment contracts through their sub-haulers, who are “all” Caucasian, and seemed upset when I applied. TSC nor any African American trucking that I know of ever received contracts, or sub-hauler contracts hauling FEMA trailers. When visiting the FEMA distribution yard several weeks ago on three occasions I noticed and was told that nothing has changed. FEMA employees informed me that an unbalanced percentage of the drivers picking up and delivering trailers to that facility were predominately Caucasian.

This is what I observed when I first contacted the FEMA facility in Hope, AR to inspect the damaged trailers that a FEMA administration official indicated I could do so in October, 2006, and after driving in excess of three hundred miles, I was told by an all Caucasian administration staff that I would not be able to go near the trailers, and certainty could not inspect them.

After seeking involvement in the contribution program, see it appears that FEMA is doing everything in its power to keep this program from being a success.

If the Reverse Robin Hood practice perpetrated by Federal Agencies, this administration and banks such as JPMorganChase Bank, see attached Chase Bank complaints, are allowed to continue, taking from the Poor and giving to the Rich, economic parity will never be achieved by African Americans where ever these agencies and bank(s) operate.

Using discriminating Corporations the likes of Halliburton and the SHAW GROUP to disburse contracts to minorities is a kin Israel giving contracts to the Muslims.

We are again going to ask, Congressman Bennie G. Thompson
202 225-5876
Attn: Tara Smith

Congressman Rodney Alexander
Monroe District Office Ph# 318 322-3500
State of Louisiana
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
225 342-7009
to call a Congressional hearing regarding Katrina Victims.
Please assist UAAD in this complaint in order to make it as effective as possible. In unity we can organize under Louisiana non-profit Recovery Coalition, LNPRC, and help those who most need help.

If FEMA, other Federal Agencies and this administration continue its discriminatory practices, African Americans will continue on a path of poverty, ignorance and despair, amplified by the actions of these agencies.

Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD

A reply to an email rec'd by David Dolinsky, GSA from UAAD
Sir –
I have nothing to do with the disposition of trailers so your e-mails arenot something I can help you with.While I can’t speak for the Federal government as a whole, I’ll tell youthree things that reflect my own personal views:
1) Your e-mail seems to imply that if someone is not African American theywould not be helpful, sympathetic, or empathetic to the plight of a memberof your community. This is offensive to me and the reason I responded toyour most recent e-mail by asking that you take me off your list.
2) I am a former FEMA employee. I have worked with plenty of AfricanAmerican FEMA employees. Many are in leadership positions. Several arepeople I still go out to lunch or dinner with and consider friends, eventhough I left FEMA nearly 3 years ago.
3) I monitor and respond to my e-mails 24/7/365 due to the nature of myposition. When my attention is diverted from my young daughter on a Sundaymorning, by an e-mail I consider offensive, I’m not happy about it.Thank you for removing me from your mailing list.
David A. Dolinsky, CPA
Regional Emergency Coordinator
GSA Great Lakes Region
230 S. Dearborn Street Room 3700
Chicago, IL 60604-1491
Phone: 312-353-0596

Napoli, Roman G
Sent: Sat Jan 06 11:12:38 2007
Subject: Re: Necessity of our receiving the approved applicants for temporary FEMA housing
Mr. Napoli,
We will have most if not all the municipality approval(s) by Tuesday January 9, 2007.
Thanks, Walter

Sat, 6 Jan 2007 9:49 AM
Subject: RE: Necessity of our receiving the approved applicants for temporary FEMA housing
Mr. Ellis,
Thank you for being such a tireless advocate for those in need. I want to correct the memo below and state that we have not received your permission from your municipality to set up these trailers. This is a vital component of the application and before FEMA can approve your application, it will need to be received. A draft version of the document was provided in the packet you received when you meet with us in New Orleans.Thank you for your efforts and we hope to continue to work through the application so that applicants can receive the housing that they desire.
Roman Napoli

January 5, 2007
Subject: Necessity of our receiving the approved applicants for temporary FEMA housing
Louisiana non-profit Recovery Coalition, (LNPRC)
Contacted this date by Mr. Roman Napoli:
Mr. Ellis, Verdie Culpepper and I will be in touch with you this morning to work with the list of applicants that you have submitted and to get your application finalized. Thanks, RomanSpoke with Ms. Verdi Culpepper who stated she had several approved applications that she would immediately e-mail. Spoke to Kathleen King at approx. 4:45pm this date who stated she would e-mail approved applications.Received the following e-mail this date at 5:04PM: Mr. Ellis, I apologize; I thought I had the approved list available when speaking to you by phone a few minutes ago. I don’t have the list available at this time. I’ll contact you on Monday for an update. Thanks and Have a good weekend. Kathleen KingVoluntary Agencies LiaisonSpecial NeedsI called Ms. Culpepper on her cell phone at approx. 5:15PM, expressed my displeasure with not receiving the documents as promised. Ms. Culpepper assured me that she would have Kathleen King come in Saturday with authorized overtime to provide the list of approved applicants.It was explained to Ms. Culpepper that the necessity of our receiving the approved applicants was to work with the non-profits who are concerned and willing to work weekends and other wise to serve their constituents. See:

From: Roman Napoli
To: uedcinc

Mr. Ellis,
Verdie Culpepper and I will be in touch with you this morning to work with the list of applicants that you have submitted and to get your application finalized.

This is an email received 1/4/07

Mr. Ellis I am sorry that I didn’t get this information back to you earlier.
Thanks Verdie

From what I could see using the WEB based NEMIS they are all ineligible.
Jeanell Holmes

Email received 1/3/07
Mr. Ellis,
I was told that you called for me but our offices were closed yesterday in observance of President Ford’s passing. I want to update you that our donation implementation policy is under review at FEMA’s Headquarters, and I will be speaking with them this morning to determine when they believe that it will be complete.
As soon as I receive their response, I will communicate that with you.
Roman Napoli
Special Assistant to the Director/ Special Projects

Louisiana Transitional Recovery Office

Email received 12/23/06
To Mr. Ellis
My name is Andrea Jackson, and I am trying to get some information on how to obtain a mobile home. I was living in St. Bernard Parish at the time of the storm, and I would like to move back down. I have talked to FEMA and they have told me that I was not able to receive one. I heard about your organization and would like some more information on if maybe you can help me. Please write me back or you can call me at 318-344-1727.

thank you
andrea jackson

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