Tuesday, January 23, 2007

(A reply from previous e-mail)
Subject: Fwd: FEMA delay tactics
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 06:03:31 -0500

Mr. Ellis:
Shaw just received a 75 million dollars grant from FEMA to provide Modular products. Is this a conflict of interest because they are a for profit? Seems to be a lot of double standards. Best of luck with your program.
My reply:
There will always be double standards as long as FEMA and all Federal agencies are allowed to deny equal opportunities to African Americans. If Congress refuse to investigate and correct the serious problems that exists in FEMA and most Federal Agencies, to include the FBI,(see attachment), African Americans will continue to suffer economic, social and religious discrimination

United Affirmative Action Development Corp, is a 501c3 non profit who registered with DUNN & BRADSTREET, reg#610362068, FEMA/NAICS# 813410, SIC#8641, and the IRS, reg#’s 62-175-3255 in order to do business with FEMA.

Two for profit affilates United Equity Development Corporation, UEDC and Truck Service Corp, TSC were also registered with FEMA.

The main purpose for registering the for-profits was due a stipulation FEMA had put in place in order to get a direct contract to haul the FEMA trailers without sub contracting under SHAW or any other company. Truck Service Corporation a certified Minority Trucking Company since 1990; felt it and other minority companies should be awarded direct contracts from FEMA. When calling FEMA they asked that you leave your request by phone, and someone would get back in touch. They stated at that time that there was no procedure in writing.

We were later told in order to participate in hauling the FEMA travel trailers we would have to get in touch with SHAW. SHAW in Baton Rouge stated we had to seek employment contracts through their sub-haulers, who are “all” Caucasian, and seemed upset when I applied. TSC nor any African American trucking that I know of ever received contracts, or sub-hauler contracts hauling FEMA trailers. When visiting the FEMA distribution yard several weeks ago on three occasions I noticed and was told that nothing has changed. FEMA employees informed me that an unbalanced percentage of the drivers picking up and delivering trailers to that facility were predominately Caucasian.

This is what I observed when I first contacted the FEMA facility in Hope, AR to inspect the damaged trailers that a FEMA administration official indicated I could do so in October, 2006, and after driving in excess of three hundred miles, I was told by an all Caucasian administration staff that I would not be able to go near the trailers, and certainty could not inspect them.

After seeking involvement in the contribution program, see
www.uaadcorp.com it appears that FEMA is doing everything in its power to keep this program from being a success.

If the Reverse Robin Hood practice perpetrated by Federal Agencies, this administration and banks such as JPMorganChase Bank, see attached Chase Bank complaints, are allowed to continue, taking from the Poor and giving to the Rich, economic parity will never be achieved by African Americans where ever these agencies and bank(s) operate.

Using discriminating Corporations the likes of Halliburton and the SHAW GROUP to disburse contracts to minorities is a kin Israel giving contracts to the Muslims.

We are again going to ask, Congressman Bennie G. Thompson
202 225-5876
Attn: Tara Smith

Congressman Rodney Alexander
Monroe District Office Ph# 318 322-3500
State of Louisiana
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
225 342-7009
to call a Congressional hearing regarding Katrina Victims.
Please assist UAAD in this complaint in order to make it as effective as possible. In unity we can organize under Louisiana non-profit Recovery Coalition, LNPRC, and help those who most need help.

If FEMA, other Federal Agencies and this administration continue its discriminatory practices, African Americans will continue on a path of poverty, ignorance and despair, amplified by the actions of these agencies.

Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD

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