Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Permits, Planning & Zoning Department
102 Avenue “G”
Belle Chase, LA 70037
Attn: Ms. Connie Treadway
I am writing today to ask for the documents you stated you would provide from your office regarding:
The status of the “FEMA Authorization To Release Confidential Information”, you stated that had been presented to your office on behalf of clients of UAAD. You stated on Wed January 17, 2007 in our telephone conversation that you were going to have a procedure document in writing by Thursday January 18, 2007, and that you would e-mail to
UAAD request that any and all forms and applications given to your office on behalf of UAAD be forwarded to UAAD via fax 318 255-9468. It is necessary that we receive these applications with whatever decision your office has made as to the status of these Victims rights to have a mobile or module home placed on their property.
The arrangement we had with your office has been violated and is causing additional delays along with FEMA delays.
Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD

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