Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Napoli, Roman G
Sent: Sat Jan 06 11:12:38 2007
Subject: Re: Necessity of our receiving the approved applicants for temporary FEMA housing
Mr. Napoli,
We will have most if not all the municipality approval(s) by Tuesday January 9, 2007.
Thanks, Walter

Sat, 6 Jan 2007 9:49 AM
Subject: RE: Necessity of our receiving the approved applicants for temporary FEMA housing
Mr. Ellis,
Thank you for being such a tireless advocate for those in need. I want to correct the memo below and state that we have not received your permission from your municipality to set up these trailers. This is a vital component of the application and before FEMA can approve your application, it will need to be received. A draft version of the document was provided in the packet you received when you meet with us in New Orleans.Thank you for your efforts and we hope to continue to work through the application so that applicants can receive the housing that they desire.
Roman Napoli

January 5, 2007
Subject: Necessity of our receiving the approved applicants for temporary FEMA housing
Louisiana non-profit Recovery Coalition, (LNPRC)
Contacted this date by Mr. Roman Napoli:
Mr. Ellis, Verdie Culpepper and I will be in touch with you this morning to work with the list of applicants that you have submitted and to get your application finalized. Thanks, RomanSpoke with Ms. Verdi Culpepper who stated she had several approved applications that she would immediately e-mail. Spoke to Kathleen King at approx. 4:45pm this date who stated she would e-mail approved applications.Received the following e-mail this date at 5:04PM: Mr. Ellis, I apologize; I thought I had the approved list available when speaking to you by phone a few minutes ago. I don’t have the list available at this time. I’ll contact you on Monday for an update. Thanks and Have a good weekend. Kathleen KingVoluntary Agencies LiaisonSpecial NeedsI called Ms. Culpepper on her cell phone at approx. 5:15PM, expressed my displeasure with not receiving the documents as promised. Ms. Culpepper assured me that she would have Kathleen King come in Saturday with authorized overtime to provide the list of approved applicants.It was explained to Ms. Culpepper that the necessity of our receiving the approved applicants was to work with the non-profits who are concerned and willing to work weekends and other wise to serve their constituents. See: www.uaadcorp.com

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