Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A reply to an email rec'd by David Dolinsky, GSA from UAAD
Sir –
I have nothing to do with the disposition of trailers so your e-mails arenot something I can help you with.While I can’t speak for the Federal government as a whole, I’ll tell youthree things that reflect my own personal views:
1) Your e-mail seems to imply that if someone is not African American theywould not be helpful, sympathetic, or empathetic to the plight of a memberof your community. This is offensive to me and the reason I responded toyour most recent e-mail by asking that you take me off your list.
2) I am a former FEMA employee. I have worked with plenty of AfricanAmerican FEMA employees. Many are in leadership positions. Several arepeople I still go out to lunch or dinner with and consider friends, eventhough I left FEMA nearly 3 years ago.
3) I monitor and respond to my e-mails 24/7/365 due to the nature of myposition. When my attention is diverted from my young daughter on a Sundaymorning, by an e-mail I consider offensive, I’m not happy about it.Thank you for removing me from your mailing list.
David A. Dolinsky, CPA
Regional Emergency Coordinator
GSA Great Lakes Region
230 S. Dearborn Street Room 3700
Chicago, IL 60604-1491
Phone: 312-353-0596

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